Boots the Chemist, Stockton High Street

t15127A view of Boots the Chemist (no.104) on the west side of Stockton High Street. Boots gave the building a new look modern frontage and the first and ground floors were linked by a stairway in 1962. This was the birthplace of John Walker, the inventor of the friction match.

11 thoughts on “Boots the Chemist, Stockton High Street

  1. I remember Boots book lovers library in the High Street, Stockton-on-Tees, I used to go there almost every Saturday afternoon with my dad to change his books in the mid 1940s the green heart shaped sticker was on every cover, after we went to see my grandma at Moat Street. Being eight years old at the time.


  2. Back in the 50s, the girls from Boots attended the Maison on Saturday nights. I had many a dance with them, can’t remember their names now. They were great nights.


    • Colin Stockton Girls were dancers, the four Dance Halls were packed to the gunnel’s on dance nights you could not move after nine o clock. Most couples who went on to marry met in one of those halls, the Maison Palais Jubilee Hall and Corporation Hall had a lot to answer for.
      We all served our time learning to dance in the church halls school halls and chapels who held dances for us school kids under supervision dancing to an old piano or Gramophone records, any one remember Victor Sylvester and his band, I also went to Cockran’s in the Town memories of dancing Latin with Ruby Stockton’s own Carmen Miranda and Flo one of the older pupils.
      The William Newton School had Dances most Saturdays, I was in the Army Cadets we had a dance there once a month to a live band as did the Scouts Boys Brigade and others. Dancing and the Pictures were our entertainments we made the most of both. It was certainly a lively place of a night and the Town would be crowded with people of all ages. I met my wife at the Maison so very happy memories of the place and no regrets.


      • Frank, Like you, I spent many a night at the Maison. I met my wife at work, however our first date was at the Maison. We danced Monday Wednesday, Friday & Saturday nights, with an occasional ball thrown in on Thursday’s. That was until HM requested my presence in the RAF in 1956. They certainly were great memories. Later I did a bit of taxi work for Tommy Rea, took Jack Marwood home a few times.


        • Colin Booth: The name Tommy Rhea rings a bell, was he also an undertaker? I could be wrong but seem to think he buried maybe four or more members of my Thornaby family, one death involved driving to London after Christmas 1968, to collect my deceased sister because strange to say we could not find a London undertaker who was remotely interested in the job due to the Christmas break holidays.


  3. If my memory serves me well this branch of Boots had a lending library on the 1st floor. The Pharmacist was a Mr Ramage and his assistant a Miss Agnes Hall.


  4. Roy, Tom, Stockton is a nice Town and my memory of the times the picture was taken was a dirty old town but lived in. Most Towns folk lived in the Streets off the High Street or in enclaves surrounding Stockton, that all changed after the War ended when people could not move to the new estates fast enough.
    Today you can walk with the Grandchildren through a clean High Street with plenty of interest, down by the river bank now a pleasant walk about with a clean river, it was not always so. Stockton puts on shows which are fully attended, the river is now a hive of boating activity, you can take a very pleasant trip to Yarm on the boat.
    Stockton unlike so many Towns after the war that went down hill, kicked its heels and pulled itself up again, my Children and Grandchildren love it attending all the events that go on, they are the ones that matter not us ancients with a memory of something that was our everything simply because we were stuck with it. Stockton was a nice Town to us as it was all we knew, it is a lovely town to my kin who travel and know much more than we ever did.
    It has been an interesting life growing up schooling working and living most of my life in Stockton, I would not change any of it and certainly not the Stockton making its way slowly on from the past.

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  5. These photographs are a touching reminder of what a nice town Stockton was in those days. I now live in Epsom, Surrey, but these images bring back many fond memories of the town where I grew up.


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