From Hartburn Signal Box, May 1966

t15124 t15125These photographs were taken from Hartburn signal box, which was in Marlborough Road. They show a coal train heading south (the trainspotters nicknamed this the York coalie) hauled by 90014 and another loco of the same class 90459 heading north with a train of iron ore. Taken on 19 May 1966.

Photographs and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

10 thoughts on “From Hartburn Signal Box, May 1966

  1. That signal box was always a welcome stop for trainspotters in the winter months.
    The roaring coal fire inside the signal box, heated the brickwork so much that outside you could get warm by just leaning against the building.


  2. My local bridge for spotting in the 70’s when I didn’t have time to spend at Thornaby yard. The only place I could get a view was at the top of the steps on the left as the iron framework reached way above my head. I was lucky to see and hear a pair of 37’s giving it 100% on a loaded ore train. A glorious sound!


  3. 1966? I can remember being able to stand on the bridge and look through the railings at the trains, thought it was later than that when they boarded it up so you couldn’t look through.


  4. In the mid 50’s I was at Richard Hind school, and we used to walk from Richardson Road, down Yarm Road. and along Spring Street, over the railway bridge to the “dinner huts” for our lunch. We used to stop on the bridge, if the train was coming and stand in the steam. Great fun. I think the bridge might be the one in the background of your picture.


    • Jean – The bridge in the background is indeed the one you would of crossed en-route to school dinners. I used to go ‘train spotting’ from that bridge during the school holidays and weekends.


      • Yes, the two pictures are taken at the ‘box. In the upper picture (5124) the two tracks in the top-right-hand corner are curving away towards Thornaby and are not seen in the lower picture (5125).


        • Xenophon you are right I agree the two line tracks lead thornaby station the other lines go through eagles cliff which is the main line to the south from Newcastle to London


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