Westbury Street School Football Team c1949/50

t15131I have named most of the lads… Paul McArtney, Philip Roberts, Mike Beckwith, Derek Brittain, ??, ? Pearce. Jimmy McGregor, Alan Murray, Brian Spense, ??, Brian Robinson, Billy Kirkwood. Our shorts were made from blackout curtains.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Brittain.

5 thoughts on “Westbury Street School Football Team c1949/50

  1. Hi Derek, Certainly brought memories back with the names. Would you have by any chance any school photos with me on? I am writing my memoirs. I was known as Hui and had sticky out ears, have tried without success names I can remember were Barry Fisher lost his leg getting knocked down by the bakery across the road from school!!, Alan Best, Alan Turner, David Mankin father was teacher at Arthur Head, Mr Pybus was Headmaster I live in Kent now, but will be at the Thornaby cenotaph on 13th November as always. Regards Allan Huitson


    • Hi Allan. I also attended Westbury Street then Arther Head a little later than you, but I’m sure there was a family called Huitson where I lived in Roseberry View.. Would that have been you, or maybe a relative? I also remember Mr. Mankin who taught Maths, one of my favourite teachers.
      Ann Hodgson.


    • Hi Alan, I remember your name but can’t place you. I lived in Peel Street near the church. I used to play with Barry Fisher. He lived in Francis Street also Barry and Gavin Swainston. Dennis Buttery . Turnbull. I will be 78 years young in October. Where did you live in Thornaby?
      I got this pic off a lad called Barry Herald. He was with me also at the Robert Atkinson school. I will go to the Cenotaph on the 13th, I was there last year with my brother Kenny. Try looking on the School site for photo’s or here. Did you go to the Robert Atkinson? I have a lot of Thornaby old photos. One of my relations lives at Deal in Kent. Regards Derek.


      • I went to Arthur Head (blockheads). I will be 78 come February. If I can get into it I will be be wearing my RAF uniform was in 1261 (Thornaby) Air Training Corps as a cadet and a Warrant Officer getting my commission later. Was also in 608 R Aux A F. My best friend was Jimmy Grey and best man at our wedding. He went to Canada to live he went to Robert Atkinson. Hope to see you on the 13th going back to Thornaby Aerodrome Club for a snack and a beer, after the service.
        Regards Allan


        • Hi Allan, I hope to be at Cenotaph or Club after. I will look for you. Going to Pickering 40s on Saturday 15th October. It’s a great weekend and lots of Airmen, Soldiers, Navy etc all in 40s outfits. I was 78 last week. I was in the Green Howards Cadets at bottom of Thornaby Road. Joined the Royal Engineers at 17 for 3 years. Regards Derek.


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