Mrs Corners Class, St Cuthberts RC Primary School, Stockton c1956

t15140Back Row (l-r): Terry Newman, John Ruddy, Patrick Dunne, Jimmy O’Connor, Harry Wilkinson.

Middle Row (l-r): Bobby Flynn, Anthony Smith, Michael Elward, Mickey Brown, Phillip
Eglington, Ken Davies, Margaret Ross, Margaret Frail, David Scott, Stephen Hook, Leonard Phillips, Kenneth MaCue, Chrissy Lindo, Francis Harrison, Marty Stott.

Front Row (l-r): Angela Flynn, Kathleen Atkinson, Maureen Tracey, Monica
Caveney, Eileen McCue, Carol Scrimgour, Margaret Jones, Susan Dolan, Kathleen
Rowland, Anne Riley, Catherine Boddy, Rita McGeeny, Joan Heslop, Margaret Nevins, Margaret Abbs, Catherine Birch, Dorothy Whitfield.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kenneth Davies.

2 thoughts on “Mrs Corners Class, St Cuthberts RC Primary School, Stockton c1956

  1. I started there in 1959 when I was five. Always remember the real old fashioned smell it had and looking from our playground into the big kids playground was like watching giants – frightening when you are only five. When they opened St Patrick’s in Fairfield in 1963 I had to go there as I lived in Oxbridge which was the other side of the railway tracks from St Cuthbert’s and I think that’s how they decided which school you had to go to then which made sense really. Not like nowadays where parents like to pick and choose where their kids go to.


    • Anyone got any photos from 1935 onwards of St Cuthberts looking for photos of Imelda Heal, and her brother Clifford Heal.


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