Billingham South Modern, 1951

t15147We would have been about 14 years old when this photograph was taken, it shows Class B, my final year at school. I am on the front row of girls third from the right, I was Freda Leek in those days. All of these students will now be around 80 years of age. If anybody recognises any of these people then please do write in.

Back Row (l-r): Ken Stewart, Joe Allam, Fred Palmer, Doug Green, Keith Brown, Tony Wilkins, Derek Towers, Peter Holingshead, Brian Adamson.

2nd Back Row (l-r): Peter Walton, Raymond Mantle, William Young, Jean Watson, Audrey Lenard, Kathleen Twyzell, Merle Mitchel, Brian Smith, Keith Rawlinson, Brian Evans.

3rd Row (l-r): Willa Armstrong, Joyce Bentley, Shirley Robinson, Betty Ramage, Noreen Carney, Jean Scot, Catherine Pattison, Margaret Jorgenson, Wendy Gordon, Pauline Brown, Cynthia Robinson.

Seated (l-r): Mary Jameson, Jean Cox, Jean Hudson, Pat Walker, Mr Caygill, Jean Lewis, Freda Leek, Dorothy Pamplin, Elsie Hutchinson.

Front (l-r): William Raw, Charles Pattison, Desmond Stubbs.

Photograph and details courtesy of Freda McCorkell.

3 thoughts on “Billingham South Modern, 1951

  1. I am replying on behalf of my aunt Freda.
    Yes her brother is David Leek, he had the hardware shop in Mill Lane, Billingham for many years, he is now retired and living in Hartlepool.

    I can’t help with Derek Towers but I did know an Eddie Towers of Cotswold Crescent Billingham, Derek will be close to 80 years of age and Eddie is about 67 years of age, a brother perhaps?.


  2. Derek Towers? Top row 3rd from right, could this be the Derek Towers of the Up North Combine Racing Pigeon Transport Organisation, Sappers Corner, Greatham, Hartlepool, daughter Pam?


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