9 thoughts on “Roseworth Pub c1998

  1. Pat Pattison – It is a long time since we spoke, but I do remember you, and your parents. We lived in no.10 until we moved around the corner to Ramsbury Avenue. We used to walk to school together with Marjorie Stanley and Geraldine Lake.


  2. We watched that pub being built. My brother played hookie from school to watch it being built. We also watched St Chad’s church being built right in front of our street, Rosedale Gardens.


  3. I lived in Rosedale Gardens when I was little. I was Christened at St. Chads’ (opposite this pub) in November 1963. I remember seeing the pub many times as a child.


  4. In the centre of the picture just to the right of the red bar doors was an Off Licence covering the whole corner a bow fronted structure with a central door. In front of this was a great Oak tree shading the whole corner to the right used to be the Doctors Surgery for Roseworth it is now a Dental Practice and the clump of trees in the background surround Kiora Hall which they still do today but slightly thinned out. One night a week we used to go in to the Off Licence for our parents with empty one pint pop bottles and get them filled up from the bar pumps with draught beer until they introduced white plastic
    Roy Parkin

    That’s interesting Barry. About the off-licence at the Roseworth pub although I don”t remember it. But I do remember the Falcon and the Hardwick pubs on Hardwick Estate having a off-licence these don’t exist anymore with the pubs extending the bar area. Also the Hardwick had gas mantles and someone said the Hardwick pub was the social club before the present social club in the lounge is a alcove where the artist would sing. Whether it’s true I don’t know.
    M Spires

    When we moved to Hardwick estate on Wingate Road in 1958 the Hardwick pub was built shortly afterwards and it had the alcove in the lounge then also a small dance floor. They used to have quite goods turns on but it has always been a pub. I can’t remember any gas mantles and as the pub was built in the late fifties I can’t see why they would need them it was a great pub in those days and I spent many a happy hour in there as well as the Sheraton which was another great little pub. In fact Hardwick in those days was a good place to live.
    Gordon Armes

    Does anyone remember if Brian Clough opened the Roseworth pub? I seem to recall him being there one day and a crowd of people standing outside. Was it built about 1956/7 as St Chad’s Church across the road was built about then I was in the first batch of Confirmations to take place there.
    Pat Pattison (nee Beard)

    As I recall St Chad’s Church Roseworth did open in around 1956 and then an extension was added to the front of it a few years later facing on to Ragpath Lane and incorporating the figure built from brick on the outer face. The first vicar of St Chad’s was the Rev Trevor Beeson who later went on to become Canon of Westminster Abbey and then Dean of Winchester Cathedral. The last I heard he was still much involved in writing and lecturing.

    I remember Brian Clough did come to speak to the first Anglican Young Peoples Association (AYPA) in St Chads Vestry. It would have been organised by Rev Keith Woodhouse who was the Curate at the time and started the AYPA at St Chads. I was a member a couple of years later in the early 60s just before Keith left. I did Confirmation classes with Trevor Beeson and was confirmed in March 1960 at Stockton Parish Church. I am not sure why it was either because we combined with another Church or there was too many for St Chads to hold.
    Alan Rowbotham

    Although we lived at Hardwick I also attended St Chad’s Church for confirmation classes we had to have our cards stamped every Sunday morning after the service to prove we were attending church before Confirmation many a time my card was stamped by Alan Rowbotham. As a family we attended there until St James was ready at Hardwick. My brother Denis and his pal from school Lionel Danby were members of the group Keith Woodhouse set up indeed they starred in a few productions the group produced. Denis was there the night Brian Clough attended the youth club he took my autograph book for Brian’s autograph as he didn’t have a book of his own I still have it. One of the curates along with Keith was Peter Stubley who moved to Hartlepool Keith going to St Cuthbert’s in Peterlee. Keith retired and low and behold he turned up at the church I attend in Washington to help whilst the church was going through an interregnum period I still see him occasionally. Who remembers the Harvest Supper dances the church used to hold either in Kiora Hall or the Secondary School? Happy days.
    Dorothy Butler (nee Wright)

    Thanks for putting my memory right about Brian Clough – it was the Youth Club and not the pub! Dorothy I did not know your brother was Denis Wright I remember him well from the Club I have a photo of a group of us in my album of a hiking trip to Runswick Bay in 1961 with one of my friends draped round his neck! I also have a photo of Billy Duckling, Peter Willis, Dougie McMann, Ronnie Thwaites, Angela Thomas and me with Keith Woodhouse taken in Pacitto’s coffee bar when it was over the road from the Empire. I must get round to putting some of the youth club photos on this site. Perhaps we could get a Youth club reunion going? We actually had a Richard Hind reunion for boys and girls from our year about three years ago but only managed to scrape about 30 people up. Yes we were at school with the boys you mention still see them from time to time. Billy lives at Norton last time I saw Alan was at a funeral. Tommy Glass was my husband’s cousin but sadly he died several years ago in Africa where he emigrated in the 70s.
    Pat Pattison (nee Beard)

    Billy Duckling was a good footballer from Roseworth he appears on a couple of photos in the People Section Norton C.C.T. & Stockton Buffs Club
    The Roseworth pubs landlord was Billy Pickering he moved there from the Royal at Portrack with his wife & two daughters the late Linda & Maureen who now has the Tavern in Norton with her husband Peter McNeil.

    I wonder who can remember the onion sellers who used to trundle the streets of Roseworth. They had strings of onions on the forks of their bikes. I suspect these people came from France.
    Merv James

    I used to work in the Roseworth bar during the mid-seventies and there was three daughters and one son Linda Maureen Christina and young Billy. As for the off licence even though it had gone by the time I worked there I know from years earlier when we used to go to get bottles from the off licence for my friends parents – Lil would not serve anyone under age and you had to get someone to go in for you.
    Reg Downey

    I spoke to Keith Woodhouse at church yesterday he remembers the Youth Club at St. Chads very well the visit of Brian Clough took place in the Vestry at St. Chads. Keith has fond memories of the youth club and sends his best wishes to everyone who remembers him and Pat Keith kept the Record Player until on the 25th Anniversary of his ordination it was replaced by a gift of a music centre.
    Dorothy Butler (nee Wright)


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