7 thoughts on “Heavy Load, Thornaby

  1. This heavy load might not get around the Bridge Road with Mandale Road sharp corner from Head Wrightson Trafalgar St Works, if the driver turned right there and went over Victoria Bridge to the roundabout at Parliament St, Stockton, then drove around the roundabout there and double-backed towards Mandale Road, Thornaby, he’d manage it okay, the makers could be Whessoes, Ashmores, Heads, or Rileys. We need to assume he’s going to ICI, or A19 south / A19 North.
    This load looks very much like the Heads 1984 load that went through Norton and down towards Billingham bottoms seen on another post. I’d say its from Heads, and he got around the corner somehow by using the Thornaby Road junction splay. This sharp left corner was raised 3 foot there on the left side wheels so in theory the load could topple off the trailer. Anyone know the answer? Isn’t it strange the things that stick in your mind 60+ years – a raised corner for instance.


  2. I worked at Head Wrightsons in the late Fifties training to be a mechanical engineer. I suspect this load has come from my old employer. The hauliers are Sunter Brothers. I remember Mandale Road very well. Looking at this picture there was Tillstons Cycles on the left and Pumphrey’s, the sugar people, on the right.

    In the Sixties I left Heads and joined the police, moving to London in 1963. I became a police motorcyclist and one of our tasks was to escort wide loads similar to this one in Thornaby. Riding over Tower Bridge late at night with one of these was quite an experience that took me back to the days when I lived in Stockton and worked at Head Wrightsons.

    I was in Billingham only last month visiting family and I came up on my motorbike – yes, I am still riding one. The A19 is very different to the one I remember.


  3. What about the Whessoe Boiler and Pressure Vessels shop in Bowesfield? It had the capacity.
    Perhaps you have some association or involvement with this pressure vessel, it is a big one for sure!


    • Hi Bill, maybe they what we call over here. “jack and roll” it certainly a monster
      at a guess Whessoe would be a possible fabricator.


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