7 thoughts on “Aerial view over Holy Trinity Church

  1. I think the building next to the car park, that is where Holy Trinity Junior School was, is the Maison de Danse.
    Could the building on the right bfore the Victoria Bridge be the old Stockton Corporation Bus Garage?


    • The building you regard as being Halfords/Matalan I think is actually the old BRS/NCL depot [someone put me right]. I don’t think this was re-used when they moved so would have to assume it was levelled and is the approx location of the aforementioned shops.
      Wellington Square?, I only know of one and the photo does not show it.
      On the extreme left of the photo half way up you can see the indoor market within Castlegate Centre, this gives you an idea of how far up the High St you can see.


      • Correct anon and Jonathan, it’s John Walker square at middle left and probably correct on the Halfords building. Still, I got the pubs right, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad!


    • Hi Bill, I don’t think the the Halfords/Matalan building has been built yet, it’s still the goods yard at the time of this photo (mid to late 1970’s ?).

      I can see Parliament Street is a major thoroughfare, no bypass road through the Trinity grounds yet, the Trinity Vicarage, Bowesfield Lane Primary School, and all the long lost industry on Teesdale.


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