3 thoughts on “Municipal Buildings, Stockton

  1. Ah Saturday mornings at the baths. We would walk from home on Browns Bridge, towel and trunks neatly rolled together and tucked under our arms. By the time we got to the baths, we were lucky if we still had both items, having had towel fights on the way there. I think it may have been about 3d to get in, but once through the door that most unique of smells would immediately launch an assault on your nostrils. Having got used to that, you would get your wire basket and as quickly as possible, and in no specific order, ram you clothes into the space at the bottom and head for the counter where you would hand it in for safe keeping. The next bit was a dip in a small sort of pre cleansing pool at the entrance to the main pool. Once through that it was a free for all to get to the diving board and throw yourself off as if you had been shot, trying to make the biggest splash possible. When your time was up, it was back through the pre wash pool, and up to the counter to re claim your basket of clothes. Trying to get your vest and undies on while you were still more than a little wet, was usually exacerbated by someone starting a towel flicking fight.
    When we were eventually dressed, it was down to the vending machine in the passage for a cup of some type of beef type drink. This would hopefully last us until we got to Peter Staples near the Talbot pub to get a glorious penny dip bun, absolutely fabulous. Happy days, where have those 50 years gone?


  2. Half Moon Hotel at the end of Bath Lane, cars look like Vauxhall Cresta, Morris Minor, Triumph Vitesse and what looks liks a Ford Cortina.


  3. It looks as if the photo was taken at the T junction outside the Bath Hotel Paul Frost’s father had.
    On the right it seems to show the old swimming & slipper baths. To the left the old building stands on the ground where the YMCA was built. That was a great place to go back in the 1970’s/80s.


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