5 thoughts on “Stockton Town Hall

  1. In all my long years living in Stockton never once had I been inside the Town Hall Building though some of the school (R.H.) had. Around ten years back I was on a committee who held one of the yearly meetings in there, it was an eye opener, those old time Councillors did themselves well. What was discussed went over my head being far to busy looking out of the windows a new and very different viewpoint, taking in the artifacts left behind by Mayors long gone. The whole event made me think rather differently about Stockton’s history the hundreds of years of commerce, the busy river and the people who lived through those times.
    Maybe it should be more open to the public.


  2. The previous comment is about right, cars are always a fairly good indicator of period.

    Let me tell you a story. The first floor arched window in the Town Hall was the Council Chamber. In that room in 1956, a schools road safety competition took place. I was 14 and represented my school, Newham Grange Secondary School, against a school from West Hartlepool. It was the second round and we lost by a small margin.

    This competition must have ignited an interest because, when I retired in 2011 at the age of 69, I had been the Principal Road Safety Officer for the London Borough of Sutton for the last 16 years. Previously, I had been a police officer for nearly 34 years in the Met Police where I specialised in traffic law and accident investigation.

    In Finkle Street there was a small printers called Bakers. My older brother, Ian, served his apprenticeship there before moving to the Evening Gazette in Middlesbrough then the Billingham Press. He died in 1992 whilst still living in Billingham.


  3. The year is no earlier that 1979. The car visible on the far left, behind the railings is a 4 door Ford Escort Mk 1, which was introduced in 1979. The car partially hidden by the lamppost looks like a Ford Cortina Mk 5, which came into production in 1979.


    • That car behind the lamp post is a Mk2 Granada, introduced in 1977. It is a pre-1981 car as it has a black grille, which became body coloured in 81. That Transit in front of the town hall is a Mk2 which came out in 1978. Shame we cannot read any number plates! I think this picture would have been taken after 1982 though, looking at the Green Dragon Yard Art Gallery sign though.


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