Teesside Airport 1960s

t15193 t15194Here are a couple of shots of Teesside Airport in the 1960s, the exterior shot shows a ‘C’ registered car which dates it to 1965, the car is probably collecting visitors for either ICI or British Steel as both companies ran a fleet of cars for such purposes, the coach is likely awaiting a charter flight from sunnier climes.

The interior shot shows the sign to the spectators gallery and a practically empty departure lounge, apart from a couple of people in the doorway there is very little activity.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “Teesside Airport 1960s

  1. Remember this place well from 1983 and left from Teesside Airport to fly to Heathrow and on to Singapore, then Australia when we emigrated with our two young sons. Bitter sweet memories saying goodbye to family and friends in what was a very friendly airport in a lot less stressful time for airport departures – until we got to Heathrow that was. Still in Australia but visited UK many times since and never flown into or out of Teesside Airport again. A great loss to the area if the airport does not get revitalised for local travellers.


  2. In the 60s Teesside International Airport had the better runways, the bigger catchment area and possibility of much better transport links than our northern neighbour, but there was (and is) no way we would be allowed to compete with the “regions capital”.


    • I remember reading somewhere in a newspaper in the early 1970’s, that Teesside airport was in the most favourable position in the North East of England, for airport expansion, with large populations to the South and North of the region. North of Newcastle there was little population until Edinburgh was approached, leaving Newcastle airport relatively isolated in rural Northumberland. Teesside Airport had one of the longest runways in the country, with huge scope for expansion. As always, the closeness of Newcastle as seriously affected the development of amenities on Teesside.


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