14 thoughts on “Stockton v York City Reserves Football Programme c1960

  1. Linesman Lawrence (Lol) Douglas went on to be a Football League linesman from 1965 to 1977 and was a supplementary referee on the FL list in the 1974/75 season. A photo suggests he was a ‘dead-ringer’ for a young Arthur Scargill! The other linesman – R W Onions – was a FL linesman at the time of this 1960 Final appointment. I know nothing about the referee, R J Kidd, and perhaps there is someone out there who could help to provide details on him. I wonder whether Mr Kidd’s more illustrious Middlesbrough refereeing colleagues, Pat Partridge and Kevin Howley, ever refereed the North Riding Final, or indeed Stockton’s very own Ken Lupton. I would be interested to know.


    • Lol Douglas was a good referee, I knew him from when I played for Head Wrightsons & also officiated with him in the Northern League, I believe he was a lineman in the Football League Cup-Final at Wembley along with Ray Pallister also of Middlesbrough. I know Jack Kidd was later on the North Riding F.A. Council. Pat Partridge & Kevin Howley were Durham referees who were also members of the North Riding Referees Association & Ken Lupton would not of refereed a North Riding final because he lived in Sunderland & Stockton & I don’t think he was a member of the North Riding Referees Association. The different county football associations select their own referees to officiate their finals.


      • When Lol Douglas was a Wembley official at the Aston Villa v Everton final in 1977 it was Gordon Kew from Nunthorpe who was referee, it took three games to decide a winner, Ray Pallister was on the line in the 1982 final with Peter Willis the referee from Meadowfield, Durham, Kevin Howley refereed the 2nd leg of the 1965 final & Pat Partridge refereed the 1978 final.


  2. Stockton AFC seemed to go through a large number of players while I was playing for them 1959 to 1962. I remember at least four outside left partners during this time , namely Brian Escritt, Neil Moody, Albert Pratt, and Lastly Ronnie Laverick who went on to have a very long career with Stockton AFC. Ronnie Laverick’s first game as I remember it was in a Friendly Against Consett at the start of the 1962 season at Conset. We won 2-0 and I think I scored the two goals that day. I REMEMBER THINKING THAT RONNIE SHOWED GREAT POTENTIAL, HE WAS FIVE YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME AND EX NEWHAM GRANGE SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM AND A TEAM MATE OF MY BROTHER MAURICE. I never continued with Stockton after his game as I was negotiating to go to South Africa and spent the few months before departure playing with Ashmore’s in the Teesside League. I then played for four and a half years playing in the South African Professional League which was developing into a good standard at that time, about Northern League standard. We had good crowds 2000 to 3000 per match. Big Harold Atkinson ex Stockton AFC and Ray Thomas ex Ashmore’s also played in this team.


    • Yes Newham Grange School produced some good footballing talent with Donny Heath, Dennis Clarke ex professional players, Trevor Cockerill & Ronnie Laverick who were regulars at Stockton F.C. for many years.


      • Remember Ronnie Laverick playing for Primrose Hill. Wasn’t he employed by Head Wrightsons. Seem to think he worked on the maintenance department, fitter or electrician?


        • Ronnie Laverick worked as a mechanic at Chapmans Garage on Norton Road, Peter Laverick who played for Primrose Hill was a electrician who worked for Morgans who done contract work at Head Wrightsons, Thornaby. Ronnie (Buster) Baker & Joe Lawrence both played for Primrose Hill & worked in the maintenance department.


  3. This Final team was controversial as Stockton AFC asked Bobby Thursby an English International to replace Benny Brown as the only change in the team that had beaten Boro in the semi Final. Bobby had never ever played for Stockton in the past or future games, and I think that he was embarrassed at the Stockton treatment of a player, and did not ever play for Stockton.
    I eventually played in the team but left the Stockton team after this match, I did return at Stockton’s Request later in my Career, but was not in the team that Lost to Whitby Town that Gran Cooper describes earlier but returned after that match. Stockton have had some great players over the years but never achieved as they should have i.e league status although the team did very well some seasons the organizing of the team left a great deal to be desired both in the Management and Training programmes which were very amateurish by comparison to teams like Peterborough United.It would be great to see Stockton AFC rise once more under the new group that are now playing under the Stockton AFC banner.

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  4. York City Reserves had beaten us, Head Wrightsons, 1-0, at York, the goal was scored by Joe Scott (ex-Boro) with a last minute penalty, in the last eight. We had qualified through, to this stage after beating Cleveland Mines, who won the Teesside League that season with us finishing second. The next season Eddie Graham and myself were in the Whitby team that knocked Stockton out of the FA amateur cup on the Victoria Ground. The Stockton team comprised most of the players named in this programme.


    • Joe Scott used to live in Darlington Lane, when you left the Ring Road on the left before the Police houses. Tommy Thompson who played for Great Britain in the Olympics, then signed pro for Blackpool & Des Clough the brother of Brian.


  5. Stockton won this cup for the 8th and final time in 1960. Middlesbrough are the current holders having won it no less than 54 times.


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