8th Battalion DLI Cadet Band Member Sid Mason

t15132I took this photograph of Sid Mason; a big bass drummer in the 8th Battalion DLI Cadet Band in Stockton recently, he looked really well. My brother Ken was his apprentice at Trattles and Rushforth.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Brittain.

4 thoughts on “8th Battalion DLI Cadet Band Member Sid Mason

  1. I joined the band when it was first inaugurated, grabbed (well, not really!) a side drum, gave up my sergeant’s stripes in order to bask in the reflected glory of membership in the band. My friend, Harry (Gus) Glover, was the first Drum Major, and how he could do the swagger typical of that honour. I have tried to track down Gus sporadically over the years, but he left Teesside many years ago in his teaching position. Major Downs was our C.O.


    • Ron you are correct about the swagger the band members were definitely the Peacocks of the Cadet Battalion. With white gear lanyards and polished drums and bugles they did look like eye candy to the girls. Once a month we all went on parade at the William Newton, formed up and marched to church there we split in to denominations then back on parade after the service. We then marched down the High Street and back to William Newton to dismiss. The girls followed in droves, well there was not much else to entertain in wartime and we the PBI all pressed to a cutting edge marched behind Major Downs and Capt Collet calling the band names under our breath.
      I still hear the bugles and the tunes, “The Durham’s are marching up the hill boys, the Durham’s are marching up the hill, they all laugh at us they all scoff at us they all say our days are numbered, but we are going to win the war boy’s the Durham’s are going to win the war boys, let them laugh let them scoff we are going to win the war”.
      Major Downs had me in for being a bad lad, nothing new in that, “you want to join the army? well you will never even make lance corporal” how wrong he was I made it to WO1.
      His son Ian was the Quartermaster and one of the twins Sgt major, Major Downs left and we got Capt Fiddess later Major, those five years with the cadets at a time we were being trained properly, they thought it would be a very long war held me in good stead when i joined up, I loved every minute of my time with “A” coy.


  2. Known Sid or as we knew him Sig for (Sigmund don’t ask I do not know) all my life. He would be among the kids who went to Norton Board School we met on the Green as they walked down from Station Road and we all walked down the High Street together. I joined the 8th Battalion DLI “A” Company at 13 lied about my age you had be 13 and a half and Sig was already in the band, he was a big lad so the base drum was an obvious choice. We both joined the army Sid a few months before me.
    It was Sid who gave me the Newspaper cuttings pictures of the Cadets the Band and one of the whole Battalion to put on this board, they are under the heading Army Cadets. He was one of the most affable men I knew always a pleasure to meet up with him though age and ailments curtail our movements these days.
    I know he was on the computer at one time, I have just treat myself to a new Apple mac Pro so if you read this Sid get in touch. If you lost my e-mail the Picture Stockton Team will oblige.


    • I knew Sid for about 10 years before his retirement from T&R, started as an apprentice 15 March 1982. Never knew his connection with the DLI. I have a Bugle from the 8th DLI cadets about 1953


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