Rainbow over Holme House, 1972

t15199The main reason for taking the picture was the rainbow, which must have been produced by a shower over the Rocks (Portrack Shamrocks Football Club) Field in Portrack. But it does show construction on the old Holme House farm site. Was this a temporary school at the time, or was the building of the prison under way?

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

7 thoughts on “Rainbow over Holme House, 1972

  1. The middle foreground shown that the Rocks field was being filled in. I thought that the main reasons for doing this was (1) To raise the level to prevent the field being flooded from Lustrum Beck (2) Emergency cash being spent by the Heath Government with Local Authorities to keep unemployment down.

    But it turned out that there seems to have been a plan to use the area for Light Industry, extending the existing Ross Road site. However only an isolated set of buildings is there now. Is it some kind of clubhouse?


  2. The Photo’s are the Freight Liner maintenance depot.. As a kid we would catch a bus from Portrack or take a shortcut across the Rock’s field past Blackets Brick yard and onto Albany Bridge, but of course the girls would not go this way as we had to cross the railway


  3. I think the position of Billingham House in the background means the buildings in the foreground were those associated with the Freightliner Terminal.


  4. How did kids from Portrack (young teenagers mainly) get to Albany School? Did they take the quick way across the fields, Lustrum Beck and the railway?


    • From being a wee lad Fred I walked the paths across those fields from Norton South Road to Portrack roundabout then the Newport Bridge to get the bus to North Ormesby, I know the “0” bus did that but Mother loved walking. The whole area was criss crossed by paths from Danby Road over the Recreation ground past the allotments or the reverse in my case after taking a girl home to Portrack from the dance. There were paths past the Iron Works to the river and along the marshes to Casebournes including an old bridle path. All us kids knew those paths and some are still there.
      The large building looks very much like the Garage for the Freightliner HGV’s some of those I drove Seddons were quite old and needed maintenance, The Offices were nearer the entrance road from Portrack roundabout. We walked everywhere then, to Stockton, Billingham and in some cases all the way to North Ormesby, no wonder we were fit and slim.


  5. The school was Albany, built in the 60’s and extended in the 70’s. Later demolished and rebuilt as North Shore school near Tilery.


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