5 thoughts on “Fabric Stall, Stockton Market

  1. Correct Fred, Mother was a dress maker making quite a few of the dresses for the ICI Managers wives who lived in Redwing Lane up past our house in Mill Lane, Norton. They would walk past the house to the ICI Hall on the green to dinners and balls, Mum, that is one of mine and that and she has not paid me for that one yet? I spent what seemed hours to a young lad standing at those stalls whilst mother went through bales of cloth and then got to carry it all home. She altered or made dozens of wedding dresses during the war and I would have to stand with the dress on while she cut and pinned, that was if she caught me. Two machines one a treddle and one electric both Singer, she preferred the treddle for heavy materials, the electric when making something from parachute silk as we called it. She also worked at Goosepool as an electrician as her war work so could get hold of the damaged silk.
    Those stalls were needed and even during clothes rationing you could get what they called seconds, tongue in cheek I think, of course you paid more but people wanted clothes so Mother was always busy.


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