8 thoughts on “Heavy Load, Victoria Bridge

  1. I don’t think it can have anything to do with nuclear power. The thickness of the flanges suggest that it would be running at comparatively low pressure and temperature. More likely it was being used for oil refining or petrochemical manufacture near Haverton Hill.


  2. Cliff, Power Gas wast he design and overall Head Office of the Power Gas Company, based in Bowesfield Lane Stockton-on-Tees. The Fabrication Company Section of the Power Gas Company was Ashmore Benson Pease of Bowesfield Lane Stockton-on-Tees. All the quotations for the fabrication were done and all the work carried out were the responsibility of the South Woks Office of Ashmore Benson Pease. The Power Gas quoted for complete Green field plants were as Ashmores only quoted for individual pieces of equipment such as the Pressure vessel in the photograph. The Power Gas Company were the first English Company to win a contract to Design build and commission a Greenfields Petro Chemical Plant any where in the World..In doing so they lost a massive amount of money on the overall project which nearly bankrupt the company, but having survived this disaster, they gained valuable experience which held them in good stead for the future of the company.
    I seem to remember a figure of a 10 million pound loss on a 30 million pound contract.may be some of our correspondents can throw more light on these times. Siemens the German Company now own the old Power gas company and are mainly involved in the Design of Greenfield Steel Plants , from the Blast Furnace design through to the Final Rolling Mills etc, which originally were the Davy Steel Company of Sheffield who were part of the old Power Gas Company. Siemens Head Office for this company is situated in Stockton on Tees in the new office,s on Southbank of the Tees…


    • This load is leaving HW’s turning left onto Mandale Road. You can see on the left of the truck the exit from Thornaby Road one way system.


    • Yes, I think you are correct. Note the chap on foot at the back of the low loader.
      He can also be seen in the photo of the same load going past the Commercial Hotel in Trafalgar Street en route to Head Wrightsons.


    • I agree, coming from Stockton over the bridge and turning left at the lights which would take it down to where the other photo was taken.


  3. This particular load appears on several photos on the Picture Stockton site enabling its route to be traced. The container bears the label of the engineering firm Humphrey and Glasgow who became very pally with Power Gas in the 1960s. Was this type of vessel made by Power Gas?
    That would explain how it came to be passing over VIctoria Bridge. Other photos show it going down toward the “Wilderness”, before getting on to the A19 to cross the River Tees. I wonder if it was a pressurised vessel that was going to the nuclear power station then being built at Seaton?
    On another photo, a reader has dated this transport move at about 1974.


  4. I spy….
    On the right:
    – in the distance, the roof line of the old Bowesfield Lane Primitive Methodist Chapel.
    – the roof of the Stockton goods yard office building (four chimney stacks)
    – the rear of the the Teessider pub and the labour exchange building
    – Victoria Bridge is red

    On the left :
    – the roof of the Stockton goods yard
    – Dove builders merchants (building still there, recently clad)


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