2 thoughts on “Haverton East ICI Sidings c1957

  1. The picture with the signal box, is that the one by the red bridge on Belasis Avenue? It doesn’t look like its Belasis Avenue going down towards whats now the roundabout by Frutarom/Belasis technology park?


  2. Two beautiful clear photographs. A lot of ICI plant’s shown in the photograph, were still there when I started at ICI in 1970/71,including the Drikold, Power Station, Boiler plant and the Anhydrite mine. A lot of the railway line’s were still there when I started, but some were little used, and only ICI locomotives were allowed over the line’s, although in the late 1970’s, I remember a type 2 Bo-Bo, pushing some tank wagons over the line adjacent to the North gate, and heading towards the Nitric acid plant. In the 1950’s and 60’s, perhaps wagons were made up here into train’s before being marshalled by ICI loco’s into the East Grid,out of sight behind the two power station chimneys, or did main line loco’s have access to these lines?


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