5 thoughts on “Liverpool Bridge/Derbyshire on the River Tees

  1. My uncle George was a foreman when they brought the drawings down for this ship, he looked at them and said it would break it’s back in heavy sea’s, and what happened?


  2. There is still some mystery over what caused the vessel to founder. Earlier investigations had suggested a combination of crew error and structural failure. This was further endorsed when a sister ship, the Kowloon Bridge ran aground and broke up. The vessel’s hull had fractured at forward end of the pump room at frame 65. When the Derbyshire was finally found, the after accommodation section was separated from the hull section. This appeared to be at the same position as on the Kowloon Bridge. Later findings suggested the vessels forward hold, no1 received large intakes of water as a result of the ventilation covers not being in place, and as a result the vessel was” down by the head”.
    Very heavy seas then damaged the metal hatch covers letting more water in, and reducing freeboard even more. Holds 2 to 5 were then probably flooded when there hatch covers were damaged, and because she was fully laden with iron ore pellets, was unable to stay afloat. The mystery is why no mayday was sent. If the vessel was down by the head in heavy sea’s, with damaged hatch covers, the Master would have sent a mayday. They are sent instantly at the press of a button, Also, time was found to launch a lifeboat. It was found a week later, empty.


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