9 thoughts on “Hair Instyle, Norton Road c1985

  1. Bob is the same Pikelet man who sold Pikelet’s in Stockton High Street. His spot was the corner of Wellington Road and High Street. He was a very interesting Character, I had heard some remarkable stories about him.
    Stockton had some very interesting characters parading in the High street on Market day, the Weigh man was one, and yellow gloves was another, and who can forget Giggy Moon a loveable man who was the centre of a lot of teasing by the local kids.. Giggie’s greeting was usually (Gig a Fag). Happy memories of Stockton of old.


    • Ben, Yellow gloves was Jimmy Leggert, now adays he would not be noticed back then he was a man before his time. He took some severe beatings from those who did not understand so our lot of Boilermakers and apprentices took him under our wing. He would drink with us in the Green Tree, come along at lunch time as we sat on the banks of the river eating our pies and we would all talk, he was a well educated man and as a young lad I learned tolerance from him. he never once said a word out of place to any of us and we kept him safe as we also did with Gigi Moon. People coming into town did not understand him and got nasty at times, all the locals looked out for him even the girls would go to his aid if needed.
      My first leave from Brancepeth I was walking the Market and the Weigh man said you have put weight on, about a stone? after all that exercise? he was right on the scales I had gone up from ten stone six to eleven stone six a weight I stayed at for many years after, he knew a lot of us by name.
      Along with many of the stall holders each one a character Stockton was an exciting place for us lads, only coppers to spend but they would take our money with a joke, a lot of laughter in those trips to town.


    • Ben, Yes it is, Norman Holmes was his name. One of my Aunts, Millie Thompson had the chemists shop and pharmacy during the 40s/50s where the hairdressers is shown.


  2. Was this terrace close to were Hills stood on Norton Road as the concrete kerb seems to imply a gradient, possibly near were the old railway bridge was ?


      • Thanks Bob. I knew I’d seen those buildings before but could not place them, mind you the industrial chimney stack poking out over the roof tops should have been a clue!
        I find it hard to believe that the Hills site still stands derelict and an eyesore after all these years when surely it must be prime development land? A great shame.


        • Yes David, that was the old boiler house. Every time it belched out smoke the Pikelet man who lived near would throw bricks at the windows. Did you work for Hills?


      • Bob, the shop shown was a chemists and pharmacy in the 40’s-50’s. It was owned by one of my Aunts, Millie Thompson. who lived above the shop with her husband Billy. I often popped over when serving my time at the Forge. Norman Holmes (Pikelet Man) lived in one of them


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