Arrowsmith’s Removal Business

t15240This photograph was taken opposite the Red Lion in Norton. Frank Arrowsmith is on the left, 2nd from the right is Mr Featherstone. He used to give us a ride back down to Maple Avenue, Thornaby when we were kids. Arrowsmith’s shop is still going in Stockton, just near the station, it’s ran by Franks grandson. I bought Franks garage in Yarm in 1973.

Photograph and details Derek Brittain.

2 thoughts on “Arrowsmith’s Removal Business

  1. I note from the side of the vans that this firm were based at 381 Norton Road? In my very early years I lived at 385 Norton Road, which was “Church Close”. My mother was the caretaker at Norton Congregational Chapel next door. It was a tied house and is still standing, though sadly the chapel has been demolished.
    I don’t recall seeing all of these vans coming and going from two doors away, was their depot elsewhere?
    I have lived in Dorset for over 30 years now, but recall a visit I made to the chapel in the late 80’s and met an old acquaintance, Pat Hebron, who was then living in Church Close. Years before that he lived next door to me at Eamont Road (16? we were at 14). Small world!


  2. I knew Willie Featherstone in the sixties when he worked for Pickfords driving an old Guy removal van, fleet number M1314, lovely man. His son Revis also drove for both Pickfords and Devereux removals, also his son Geordie drove for Pickfords. Another son also drove heavy goods vehicles. I remember Willie loving his occasional pint in the Jolly Farmers.


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