Durham Road, Stockton

t15241 t1524280 Durham Road – The picture was taken August 2016 when the “modern” signage had fallen off the run down shop to expose what you see. This was clearly a Bakery Shop for the Sparks Bakery, but I am unable to date it other than to say it was before 1975 when I moved to Stockton. None of the electoral rolls list No.80 so it must have been purely a shop.

78 Durham Road – The picture was taken August 2016, next door to Sparks Bakery Shop was Cleavers Butchers Shop – the name and occupation always amuses me. This morphed into the shop front shown on the photograph sometime in the 1990’s. On each side of the shop you can see the bars which supported the canopy which kept the sun and rain from the shop front. Perhaps the original signage will be exposed one day.

Photographs and details courtesy of Peter Edwards.

13 thoughts on “Durham Road, Stockton

  1. I lived in Myrtle Road, my sister in Lambton Road and my Nana just up the road opposite Fred’s Chippie. I had a paper round at Creasers. I loved going in to Sparks – they used to do individual trifles in a paper cup, something called a Charlotte Russe, didn’t know what it was but loved it. Not to mention their custard slices! I used to run the ‘messages’ for my Nana on a Saturday morning, Clarke’s the Chemist, the Golliwog, Spark’s, the butchers and Winnie Harbrons in Zetland Road, later became Drydens. 🙂


      • Bob, You and I must have crossed paths at Heads at some time, I was in Maintenance at Teesdale Works and at Yarm Friarage when all the reno’s were going on in 66/67. I would like to touch base with you if you are interested. Picture Stockton will give you my email address


  2. Some say that “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”. Into my sixties here in Canada and simple things like this take me way back to my childhood. Saturday mornings shopping “downtown” with my mam always included a stop at Sparks on the high street. Plus, walking to Stockton and Billingham Tech for “day release” or night school past Sparks Bakery and the fantastic smell of fresh baking. What can one say, no matter how far you travel or how long ago, you ALWAYS recall the most seemingly mundane memories… I hope never to forget them, they are such a part of me.


    • Howard, It is an old saw but a correct one “you can take the person out of Stockton but you cannot take Stockton out of the person” and I know it is true. Spending Christmas away from Stockton in the army sitting in the shade of a tank in the Desert thinking of lovely Sparks Cakes especially the macaroons full of cream took you away from reality for a while.
      My memories of Sparks was going to the Factory with Dad in the truck collecting the waste bread and cakes for the pigs, the lovely smell of baking bread and the girls sneaking cakes out to dad and I.
      Sparks Cafe in the town the height of poshness as we sat drinking tea with our little fingers cocked up. My wedding reception was in the Town Sparks upstairs sitting in the bow window looking down on the Saturday shoppers in the market, that stretched the full length of the High Street. Sparks was Stockton to us travellers. Meet another Stockton Lad and it always turned to Sparks cakes, well there was not much else pleasing about those war and after war years, the after war seeming to last longer than the actual war and some things rationed that had not been in wartime.
      Nostalgia is not dead to us old hands, what will the youth of today remember I ask, the delights we remember will not stir them as they can have most of what they want on a daily basis where as to us it was a weekly treat if you were lucky.
      As an aside my Granddaughter, her husband and my new great grandson are coming over for Christmas from Canada so I will see Jack for the first time. Merry Christmas all as mine will definitely be.


  3. When we where young starting at Appleton Road there was Clarke’s the chemist, then a general dealers called Mitchesons I think, then a little further down was the Gollywog wool shop
    further down still on the corner of Lampton and Durham Road was Walter Wilson;s then came my fav shop Sparks bakery where we would be treated to a cream cake every Thursday teatime has it was dad’s pay day, then came the butchers and Creasers newsagent shop was on the corner and further down near the beck was Mary Moore’s fish shop


  4. Before Ron Cleaver, who has been there since the 1970s, a butcher called Les Nowell had the shop, through the 1960s. The sign board of the old Spark’s shop is in the firm’s house colours and style for their shops, vans etc. In the 60s Creasors had the paper shop.


    • I went to school and was best mates with Andrew Cleaver and also knew both brothers Roger and Jason Cleaver who ran the shop’s of which they had two the one here on Durham Road and one on Rimswell shopping parade.
      Not seen Andy in a long time but have fond memories of him and his family.


  5. Cleaver’s butchers always used to have a very traditional shop front, all signwritten by hand, with (if I remember correctly) had painted pictures of a pig and a cow on the brickwork wall below the shop window. I remember watching the painter doing them years ago – very detailed, lovely pictures, long gone sadly.


  6. The Chemist Shop was on the corner of Appleton Road which ran all the way to the Primrose Hill and Eastbourn Estates. Colin is correct as he should be as he lived quite close to those shops on Durham Road. Opposite these two shops was the Durham Road Post Office, a Ms Bone ran the Post Office for years.. There was there was a fruit shop next to the Butchers shop. I remember buying Avocados there, on one of my many visits to Stockton, when I asked the price the lady said one pound, I said each, she said no the box of about 15 avocados. She did not know how to eat them and just wanted rid of them. I snatched her hand off at that price, being one of my favorite fruits or are the vegetables? I introduced my mother to them and she loved them on toast with a touch of salt and pepper..


  7. Let us wind back to late 40’s early 50’s. The LHS shop was a butchers Ayres. I think it was Doug who ran that one. They also had one in Zetland Road, their original shop. The corner shop was a newsagent who I worked for as a paper boy. Originally (in my time) owned by Peter Weatherspoon. Later owned by Marshal’s? There has been quite a bit about this in other threads.
    The building shown side on in Londonderry Road is where I lived. Lots of memories there. Pity to see them in such run down condition. One would think the owners would convert them in to livable housing.


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