12 thoughts on “St Thomas a Becket Church, Grindon

  1. If you visit Thorpe Thewles History Group’s facebook page there is drone footage of this site which may interest you. They do also have old photo’s which they are asking people to help identify individuals on, its just a pity they couldn’t think to forward them to Picture Stockton as I’m sure some of the knowledgeable users of this site may be able to help whilst allowing all this sites viewers to see these photo’s. One photo in particular is of a local Home Guard unit which Mr Mee may be able to help with


  2. Cycled often, and sometimes walked, to Grindon from Roseworth (Raglan Close) in the late 1950s. The walls of the church then, looked much like the pictures now, minus the ivy. These walls provided a great climbing adventure for a bunch of young lads. Happy days.


  3. Sorry, I forgot to add my compliments to Derek Brittain regarding the photos. The first one with frost on the grass is very romantic and would make a great setting for a scene from a TV drama. Well done Derek.


    • Grindon is the home to the parents of Charlotte Riley, the star of stage, screen and television appearing in productions such as “Peaky Blinders”, “Jonathan Strange and Mr Morrell”, and more recently “Close to the Enemy.” Charlotte married the much acclaimed actor Tom Hardy in 2014, after a long courtship.


  4. Grindon is just north of Thorpe Thewles to the east of the A177 near the Wynyard Woodland Country Park. I used to cycle passed this location twice a week to visit a girlfriend in Sedgefield. I was 14 at the time. I am now nearly 75 and live in Epsom in Surrey but will never forget cycling up the bank at Thorpe Thewles. Great on the way back though. I was still free-wheeling when I reached Stockton. There are two speed cameras there now set at 60mph. I don’t think I went that fast.


      • Head north on the A177 pass Thorpe Thewles on your left. Carry on up towards Sedgefield on the Dualcarriageway. Pass the Stillington turn-off on your left. Carry on towards Sedgefield for a few more yards and a small semi-hard track is on your right. This will take you down to Grindon, the Church and the brick bridge over the old Castle Eden railway line (now disused and removed).


    • Grindon is a small hamlet just passed Thorpe Thewles, Stockton. First turn right on crossroads after Thorpe Thewles, going towards Sedgefield.


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