When in Rome…

t15255This photograph is of Billingham Campus Stephenson Hall School visiting Rome for the 1960 Olympics, it was organised by teacher Martin Wing, he is standing at the leftmost side of the photo with his hand on his hip, two of the other teachers I recognise are in the back row, counting from the right there are five pupils and two teachers, they are Margo Landells and Bill Crozier, they later married and both attended our last reunion in November 2015. The girl sitting at the very right hand side of the front row could possibly be Ann Venus.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

6 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Jacqueline Clayton here, I am on the photo of Billingham Stephenson Hall Campus, 1960 Rome trip, next to Doreen Clark, 5th and 6th in the middle row. It was an amazing time. I see the comment about Angela Carter, we are still in touch, she still lives in Billingham and I have been living in Zimbabwe and South Africa since 1966. Angela is now Angela Herriott and I am now Jacqueline Seiler. The class are now all 70 years old, and hopefully still going strong. Best wishes to everyone.


  2. I was in hospital at the time and they went without me (rotten devils). It’s funny, but I can’t remember the names of hardly anyone that I went to school with other than those I actively disliked. Exceptions being Angela Carter whom I liked (she told dirty jokes), and Pauline Jones whom I adored.


  3. The boy sat down 6th from the right is Ian Hendry (later Ian Cope). Ian was always proud of his trip to Rome. I was in the same class as Ian, but my Father couldn’t afford to pay. I don’t think many of my class went. Ian died some years ago. I didn’t know that Miss Landells had married Mr Crozier. She used to take us for Biology at Stephenson Hall. She must have been young in 1960. I saw her in the early 1970’s in Boyes store in Billingham, and she only looked in her early thirties. She was very attractive.


    • Hello there just viewed the image of my cousin Ian Hendry of Cotswold Crescent, Billingham. Sad to see the comment whereby you couldn’t afford to go.

      Those must have been prosperous times for the family, I recall his dad Biff hendry always seeming to be working abroad as a welder.

      In our family they always seemed minted, we were living down in Shropshire by then. My mam Margaret was Molly his mam’s sister yet we were quite poor really I suppose by comparison not having electric or running water by 1960 – crazy the divisions but never any resentment, quite happy having a great family catching rabbits and fruit picking was the order of the day.

      Returning to Billingham to ride in a motor car and visits to Seaton etc was equivalent to a 5* holiday by today’s standards.

      Loved our Ian though now not with us, he grew to defend those less fortunate than him in later life and never left his roots from his shipyard days.


  4. Brings back Memories from Easter 1960. I was on a School trip to Rome with Thornaby St. Patricks… Pope John the 23rd was Pope then.


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