Jack and the Beanstalk at the Globe, 1955

t15260On the 8 January, 1955, the children of the members of the Sports Club were entertained at the Globe Theatre, Stockton to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the Front and Centre Circles had been booked as far back as July 1954. Each child received a bag of mixed fruit and a tub of ice-cream during the interval.

The stage manager invited a group of children back-stage where photographer Harold Scott was able to take some photographs f the children with Frankie Vaughan and Vera Cody. Vera Cody brought along her horse Goldie and her performing dogs which proved a favourite with the children during the show.

Details courtesy of Barry Jones.

One thought on “Jack and the Beanstalk at the Globe, 1955

  1. I was at that show, but maybe not that particular performance, I well remember being picked out of the audience, a light was shone on my face from the stage, five or six of us were escorted up onto the stage, we were each given a sit on ‘mojo’ horse to race across the stage, they propelled forward by bouncing up and down on them, unfortunately I was not able to steer the thing correctly and ended up being rescued from going over the edge of the stage, never did get to the finishing post. presumably all this would be part of the horse lady’s act. Frankie Vaughan came on stage later, top hat and tails, walking stick in his hand and kicking his legs in the air and if my memory is right, singing ‘Give me the Moonlight’. Many years after, late sixties, early seventies I met Frankie when he came into the Red Lion in Norton to knock over the penny stack, he was appearing locally at the time, maybe the Fiesta.


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