Stockton Workhouse and School?

t15366I think this might be all that is left of Stockton Workhouse and School.  It was taken in Union Street East, just off Portrack Lane.  I also think St James Church was situated just across the road.  Could anyone confirm this?

Photograph and details courtesy of Jackie McNaughton.

11 thoughts on “Stockton Workhouse and School?

  1. Looking at maps from various periods I can see the following. In the 1890’s there was St. James’ school on Union Street East. There was also another (unnamed) school at the same time that appeared to be within the workhouse grounds (at the southern end about where the end of Limeoak Way is now). I guess this was the workhouse school. St. James’ Church was on the other side of Portrack Lane, directly opposite the workhouse. By the 1950’s St. James’ school was re-labelled ‘School Dining Hall’. I think that may be where my mam went for her school lunches during the 1940’s.


  2. Your workhouse photo is correct. Situated at the rear of the old Cricketers Arms pub and Harkers engineering company, it was called St. Ann’s workhouse and school.


  3. The original workhouse was in Dovecote street. The one in Portrack was much bigger.

    That in Portrack became the Geriatric Hospital after WWII

    As I have described elsewhere, I used to have the run of it, in the very early fifties, as I became the friend of “Keith” who was the son of the “Master and Mistress” who ran the hospital.

    It was my first introduction to a lower-upper class / high middle class lifestyle. The family had a permanent live-in maid and a car. The only car in Portrack for some years. Keith had loads of toys and got the Eagle comic every week.

    At three old pence, the Eagle was too expensive and too educational for the ordinary working class. But I used to read it, more than did Keith. I suppose it was the first indication to me that people who were supposed to be my betters, were not that superior.

    The mistress was a rather frumpily dressed woman in her early fifties, and the master dressed in the same manner as Mr Attlee, the Prime Minister of the time, and looked quite similar.

    I was tolerated as a playmate for Keith, and not much more. During the day he attended what I would guess was a privately run junior school, where the pupils wore a bright red blazer. Does anyone know what that school was?

    Wherever Keith is now, I wonder if he remembers me? I liked him.


  4. Did the workhouse become Portrack Geriatric Hospital? I remember taking vegetables there (in the 1940’s) from our allotment, passing St James school on the way – the school slightly nearer to Portrack Lane.


  5. I always thought the Stockton workhouse was situated at the bottom end of Dovecot Street on the same side has the school used to be as you go under the bridge to the moor. Has anybody more information?


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