3 thoughts on “Dovecot, Middleton One Row, Low Dinsdale

  1. I believe that the RAF Lightning was an aircraft designed and built by the English Electric Company which was a forerunner of the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC). The BAC was formed to encompass other British aircraft manufacturers into a single unit to enable the sharing of technology and resources.


  2. It looks like the jet aircraft is a BAC Lightning with a Hawker Hunter 2 seater behind,both of which operated just down the road in the 1960’s and 1980’s at RAF Middleton st George.


  3. The fighter jet is a Lightning and behind it is the cockpit section of a Vulcan bomber. I’ve viewed the dovecot from the aeroplanes!

    The dovecot was offered for sale in 2013 but obviously remains unsold or was withdrawn from sale? Some details here;
    This Grade II Listed Dovecote dates back to the mid 18th Century. It is a beautiful octagonal building built of traditional handmade brick with a pyramidal tiled roof. Internally, the structure retains its original pigeon nest boxes estimated at approximately 1000.
    It is complemented externally by standing towards the centre of a permanent grass field which extends to 8 acres approximately and which fronts onto a picturesque stretch of the River Tees.
    On the former stack yard area is a general purpose building which is to be demolished and will form the site of a detached double garage.


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