Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra c1972

t15382A photograph of Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra at its regular rehearsal in the school hall, now demolished.  I think it was taken in about 1972.  I am playing trumpet at the back. Others I remember particularly are David Beall on cello, also a great singer, Richard Chesser on oboe, (now Head of Music at the British Library), William Bruce on cello (now an acclaimed professional cellist and teacher), Phil Davison on violin, Dean Agnew and Chris Huckle on French Horn.

I am now Director of Music myself in a secondary school, having been involved in music education all of my life, and I still marvel at what we were able to play in this orchestra, ranging from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 3 to The Dambusters March, under the maverick tutelage of music teacher, Harry Horsman.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mark Pallant.

4 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra c1972

  1. I’d guess 1970 or ’71, as I left Grangefield in June 71. I *think* that it’s me, Martin Moses, 3rd from left, front row, on 2nd violin. Is Steve Sexton the lead violist, centre front row? I seem to remember that the lead 1st violins was Chris Durrant,
    I remember both Richard Chesser & his elder sister Elizabeth, the latter from primary school.


  2. Amazing! so many memories, although try as I might I couldn’t find myself (Graeme White) in the clarinet section. Can’t have missed a rehearsal, HH wouldn’t have allowed it. And yes still have the clarinet.

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    • I recognise Alex Harper and David Mellor at the back on Cellos; Kevin Riley (wearing specs) on flute. Dave and Kevin were members of a band (nothing to do with Harry H, that played at the school dance in either 71/72 or 72/73 (their lower and upper 6th years); they played Lead guitar and flute respectively, with both contributing to vocals. Other band members (all from that year) were Ian Wright on Bass, Phil Dalton (at least at the time) on electronic noise, and myself on drums. We were called Viking originally, but changed to Gremling and then (blush) Cedric and the Virgins. Dave made his career in music, performing, writing, doing electronics (including working at the Royal Opera House and writing on hifi equipment), and he built up a reputable set of “library” music. I returned to the drums in later life, and played in a jazz(ish) group (amateur/semipro) for a number of years.


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