11 thoughts on “Bright Street, Stockton

  1. My grandparents lived at no. 5 Bright Street and had the luxury of a bathroom which was a necessity when they took in theatricals on stage at the Hippodrome. I remember that the Hedley Ward trio stayed there and members of the Harry Hansen players from time to time. Also remember sitting in ‘the gods’ for concerts etc.


  2. What a sad reflection on some of the planning decisions in 60’s/80’s. Bright St, Cobden St and “the tech” beyond worthy of better.


    • That is an opinion not all the people living there held, my friends were happy to have new houses with a garden and an open vista. The tin bath was left hanging on the yard wall for the luxury of indoor plumbing and constant hot water instead of the normal single cold tap.
      Now some of that housing has been demolished for newer housing, nobody wanted to save that, time marches on, comes change and not all will agree it was for the better. Myself I applaud what has been done in the Town having seen it in all its many and varied changes.


        • Tongue in cheek Robert? to us kids fun yes, a bit smelly after Mum, Dad, Sister, the Dog and Cat, usually because we were muckier than any of them.
          Remembering the hard work for my Parents who never seemed to stop working, Dad in the garden and the animals and fowl, Mother cooking, washing, baking and both on war work later on during the war, not fun for them.
          I would light the boiler in the wash house after getting home from school for the hot water needed, check the one pot stew in the side oven of the big black stove in the living room then peel the potato’s and prepare some greens from the garden. It would be all go until after the evening meal the six o clock news which we never missed and then out on to the Green to play.
          To bed by nine, up again when the siren went and into the shelter for a couple of hours or even all night. Kiaora 4.7 Guns going off and the shells droning over us out to Tees bay, that even woke me up and that took some doing.
          The Girlfriend from Cobden Street said she spent hours in the bath when they got a new council house no wonder she always smelled of Sunlight soap, that was the universal deodorant of the time apart from those who used Carbolic soap and that funny tooth paste euthymol that came in a flat tin of powder, no wonder we seldom kissed goodnight.
          The good old days?? I much prefer my Bungalow with internal bathroom, central heating, electric light instead of gas and not having to take the ashes out and light the fire on a bitter cold morning, Nostalgia no thanks, comfort yes please. My Parents would have loved what I have now and take for granted.

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          • When put like that Frank I see your point. I guess you had it harder than me. I was born in the 1950s so my childhood was a bit more easier though I do remember the Soaps you mention Sunlight being a luxury but I was lucky enough not to taste the euthymol.


  3. I would say early to late 1980s as the original houses of the surrounding streets have been demolished and replaced with the so called better housing.


    • John, it was always the Hippodrome to me along with the Regal Globe and flea pit (Plaza) to us old hands. Spent many an hour in there watching live acts, Dad loved those acts especially the singers and there were some very good ones singing all his favourite light Opera songs, Vilja and Vien being two of them along with Maiden my Maiden. Mother was not keen so I got dragged along for the first house, that was the clean version fit for young ears, second house got a bit more lively or so i am told.
      I had friends in Cobden Street and Milbank Street the next two streets along Nelson Terrace, happy memories a time the youngsters of today never knew about.


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