9 thoughts on “High Church Wynd, Yarm

  1. I lived in High Church Wynd from 1985 to 1989. The apartments were 8 in number, next to the Police Station. They were the first to get planning permission in the town. Next came Scholars Court apartments after the old school was demolished. Nathan Richmond was the building contractor.


  2. It was never known as High Church Wynd when I went to school & my dad (Albert Tebbs) born & bred in Yarm always called it Church Wynd & the one they call Low Church Wynd was always called Little Wynd, the infants & junior school was at the bottom on the side next to the Army drill hall where we used to go for P.E [or P.T as it was called then] & the one in the photo in West St was the senior school where we went till Egglescliffe was built then we got transferred there.


  3. It was the the first building of 1822 referred to in this history of the Fellowship Hall…
    “The foundation stone was laid in 1822 to build a primitive Baptist chapel and was completed in 1831. In 1897 the Main Hall was added and following its completion, the middle hall was built to join the two halls together. This became a Methodist Church until it was sold to Yarm Parish Church in the early sixties.”
    Link: http://www.yarmhall.co.uk/History.html


  4. I lived in High Church Wynd from 1974 to 1977. The building at the bottom was at that time an infant school next to a hall which was a day care centre.


    • Indeed if the question refers to the arches, it is the railway viaduct, on a spur of the world’s first passenger railway line, 1820s.


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