Staff at Stephenson Hall, Billingham

t15374This photograph shows the staff at Stephenson Hall in 1967/68, I have a number of names but will be interested if anybody can fill in the gaps.
Front Row (l-r): Mary Bassett, Mary Binney, ??, Fred Chapman, William or Walter Summers, Jean Harrison, ??, Ann Nicholson.
Second Row (l-r): ??, ??, Tommy Lonsdale, ??, Tommy Colman, ??, ??.
The third row is a bit of a jumble but we start with the man in glasses and end with another man in glasses, there being 7 teachers in all, the back row has 4 teachers.
Third Row: Mr Beavis, John Heron, Alan Coates, Jim McCourt, ??, ??, Alan O’Connor
Back Row: ??, Alan Weallans, Ian Jones, ??.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

9 thoughts on “Staff at Stephenson Hall, Billingham

  1. Anyone remember John Heron ? My very first class in Stephenson Hall, 11 years old. I think his forte was sport, gym. Ended up in Faraday Hall the next year.


  2. The French teacher was Mr Carr, he left in 1970, he went back to France, where he lived most of his life. I went to Steve 1968- 1971, then we went to Northfield.


  3. The teacher identified as Pauline Jackson married and now has the surname Orcel. She now lives in London and visits the area quite often.


  4. Great Picture, all these teachers were from the period I was at Stephenson.
    The lady with the long hair in front of Alan O’Conner is Pauline Jackson.
    I think that the gent to the left of Tommy Lonsdale is Mr Elliott (Technical drawing) and to the right of Tommy is the French teacher, but I can’t remember his name.
    The lady next to Tommy Coleman could be Miss Ault?


    • Went to Stephenson hall 66 till 69 was in F3 Mr Coleman’s class, Mrs Harrison was my last teacher, I remember John Leaf, Theresa Rafferty, Pauline Evitts, Brian Golding, Maureen Hatch, Paul Tweddle. I would like to hear from anyone who was in my class Jacki Snowdon Davidson.


  5. I transferred to Davy Hall in 1961. I remember Fred Chapman, Alan Coats (Geography), and Mary Basset. Another teacher at Stephenson Hall at that time was a Mrs or Miss Fowler. It could be her, third from the left, front row, there are similarities from what I remember.


  6. Second row fourth from left is Roger Atkinson. I think back row third from left has the surname Pearson but can’t recall Christian name, probably John. Definitely not (big) Angus Pearson who had a very successful career in the Royal Marines. The two I have named both taught at Northfield School, Billingham in the mid seventies with headmaster Tony Meek.


  7. I started at this school ten years before this photograph was taken, of the 23 staff that were there in 1958 there are only three in this photograph, Mary Bassett, Fred Chapman and Alan Coates, when I left school in 1961 there was only the one school on the Campus site, in the intervening years three others were built, Davy Hall, Faraday Hall and Bede Hall, some of the original teachers went to the other Halls, some went to other schools altogether, some retired and others passed away, Mary Bassett and Fred Chapman were outstanding teachers and also very nice people, with one notable exception all of the teachers at Stephenson Hall were brilliant, Tommy Colman had taught me a for the one year I was at the Billingham South Modern but he didn’t come to Stephenson Hall until after I had left.


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