Discovering New Ancestors

I’ve just discovered new ancestors, Ellie and John McDonough. He was a train inspector. They lived at 81 Gilmour Street. They had two sons, John Joseph and Vincent (who became a physician). In 1908 John McDonough was working as the Night Inspector at Norton Depot.

I found some old letters with addresses for John McDonough, so perhaps someone can tell me, would the house in the photograph have been 81 Gilmour Street or 2 Cambridge Road, Thornaby?

Photographs and details courtesy of Casey Brown, Pittsburgh, PA USA.

15 thoughts on “Discovering New Ancestors

  1. Thank you all for your insights and memories. I will update my family records to show the address of the house in the photo as 2 Cambridge Road, Thornaby. I love learning about St. Paul’s, Mrs. Flanigan’s baking and the sacrifice of decorative ironwork during the war. What a wonderful, informed and generous group of people you are.

    Special thanks to Xenophon who provided a maiden name for the Great Aunt I only knew as Ellie. Ellen Ryan! How did you find that? I can’t wait to start researching her. I am happy to possess a couple of very nice letters she wrote to her sister-in-law, my Great Grandmother.


  2. No 2 Cambridge Road from earliest memory Mrs Flanigan and son Peter and daughter Ann who was at school with me, it was a very large house being an end property. Mrs Flannigan used to bake loads, the table was groaning with cakes, pies, scones and bread one day when I was there. The Greens lived next door, Martin and Alan with parents. It looked much more elegant in those days, the railings would have been melted down for Spitfires as the railings around at Paul’s Church would have been. If these house were in London they would cost a fortune, sad to see the area so run down. I loved my childhood there, always used to watch the weddings on Saturdays at St Paul’s.


  3. I lived in this area with my Grandparents in the 1960’s. Gilmour Street was a street of Terraced houses and Cambridge Road was a road of Terraced houses with large bay windows. I think your photograph will be of No.2. Cambridge Road which was also next to the Church of England named St. Paul’s. Hope you have luck in tracing members of your family.


  4. Hi Casey I lived and was at school in this area of Thornaby I would say due to the bay window and the small garden on the front this will be Cambridge Road. I went to Queen Street infant and Junior school, its building ran between Gilmour Street and Queen Street and to my recollection all the houses in that part of Thornaby were two up two down Terraced houses. Hope this helps.


  5. I thought it looked very much like Cromwell Terrace at first and then of course, they’re all very similar in the terraced streets around the church and the ‘Rec’.


  6. When Ellen and John married in the first quarter of 1906, she was Ellen Ryan and he was John McDonagh. When the births of John Joseph and Vincent were registered, their surname was given as McDonagh also.


  7. Definitely not Gilmore Street, I live in Teasdale Street and used to deliver wages to one of our drivers who lived in Gilmore so it must be Cambridge Road.


  8. Hi Casey,
    I reckon the home is 2, Cambridge Road, Thornaby. You can actually put the address into a google search and the house is shown. The old Gilmore Street was demolished.


  9. A quick look at ‘Street Level’ on Google Earth gives the impression that it is Cambridge Road. The bay window shape is the same plus the arch over the door is identical.


  10. It does not look like Gilmour Street, I lived in James Street next to the school in Gilmour Street, I think it must be Cambridge Road, Thornaby.


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