8 thoughts on “West End Stores, Dovecot Street c1985

  1. West end of Dovcote Street, I would get sweets there when I lived in Skinner Street just down from Fenny, also went to the school further down Dovecot Street just before the tunnel can’t remember its name, passed it later in life also every morning when I worked at Whitlock’s cheese warehouse in Tynedale Street.


  2. When I lived in Buchanan Street in the 80’s, not too far from that store it was known as “Andy’s’. Andy wore a string vest and actually lived in that tiny store. Andy dressed like Rab C Nesbitt. He had a tiny cot behind the counter. I believe he actually died in the store. Very strange business model.


  3. It was such a vibrant shopping area, a days shopping on the High St. always included several shops on Dovecot St. The butchers shop became the fishmongers later and an Asda supermarket was built behind that which made it difficult for the traditional retailers to survive on Dovecot St. but businesses still hung on for some time. Last time I was there it was all very quiet.


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