4 thoughts on “Day Trip from West Row Fire Station

  1. Definitely not West Row. Probably their destination. My uncle James Carrol had a fruit and veg warehouse in West Row, on the opposite side of the street to the fire station. I worked there Saturdays, and some Wednesdays, taking fruit and veg down to his stall on Stockton market 1963/64 to finance myself at South Shields Marine college. One of the lads worked full time for my uncle. He was Gerrald Patterson. His father was a leading fireman at West Row station.


  2. I agree photo wasn’t taken on West Row, but the gentleman in the back row, right hand end, does look like Harry Hill, he was a Sub Officer in West Row in the 1960s, and I think he was Station Officer when the Fire Station moved to South Road Norton. The man third from Right looks like Stan Collinson, he was a L/Fm in the 60s. Both these men were members of Blue Watch. Can’t say I recognise anyone else, and it was probably taken sometime in the 50s.


  3. West Row is left off Dovecote Street from the High Street down towards the car park opposite Boyes. But I must say that the photo doesn’t look as if its in West Row. Maybe they left from West Row but have now arrived at their destination.


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