6 thoughts on “The Riverside from the Castlegate Shopping Centre

  1. Gentlemen, you are right. On further examination the long building goes down to the river which the R&D did but the Bridge Yard didn’t. Also, the light coloured building is indeed the R&D. You may not believe this but I worked in this building until 1961. I will use the magnifying glass next time and search my memory more deeply. I am 75 so give me some slack please.

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    • Roy I worked as a joiner making desks for the office along with shelving cupboards and stools. I also with others did the staircase. There were 2 sets of joints for the handrail for shrinkage and to save warping due to the different temperatures during summer and winter. In the workshop I made work benches in the labs using formica and teak wood for the tops. Also made boxes and lined them with green baize for delicate instruments. The long building you were in did continue along and used by the Erection Dept. as a workshop and stores for the outside works done by HW’s re dockgates etc. At the end of this long building was the maintenance department run by Jack Skinner for any metal work around the site.


  2. The long building to the left of the offices is the R & D & not the Heavy Plate Shop or the Bridge Yard. The gasometer was at Portrack opposite the Cricketers Arms.


    • It was R&D ground floor and Davy McKee drawing office upstairs. I was among joiners who renewed all the windows you can see upstairs in the drawing office. I also did a lot of work in the R&D labs in the ground floor area.


  3. An interesting photo with a huge green where Head Wrightsons Steel Foundry used to be. I think the building with the light banding on the top floor is the Head Office which makes the long building to the left of it the Bridge Yard and part of the Heavy Machine Shop, I think. I remember the riverside being a working wharf with ships and railway sidings. Although the river is the colour of a Venetian canal the huge gasometer brings you back to reality.


    • The building with the light banding would have been the R&D Offices. In about 1956ish I was part of a few joiners who put the whitish banding on. In fact it was pale blue and was asbestos 3/8 inch thick and painted on one side.


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