Mikado, Grangefield Grammar School c1960-61

t15403A photograph showing the all-male cast ready for Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado at Grangefield Grammar at the start of the sixties.
There are some very distinguished old Stocktonians dressed as girls in Kimonos and wigs: Antony Charlton, Garth McLean and Colin Clark. I’m there too. Do you recognise the others?

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Black.

6 thoughts on “Mikado, Grangefield Grammar School c1960-61

  1. At the risk of embarrassing myself or offending someone I will have a guess at putting a few names to faces. In the ‘girls’ section – front row 3rd from left James Lightfoot; 4th from left Ken Hornby; 2nd row, extreme left Keith Ferguson; 2nd left Stephen Knowles; 3rd left Paul Waddington; 7th from left Gerald Ward. Sorry I don’t know which one is Ian.


      • These names ring bells from Newtown School. I have found my autograph book from our last year there with signatures which say
        Ian Black-Prefect, Anthony Charlton-Prefect, also Archie Foulds- Head Boy.


  2. I think this might have been later as I remember being in “The Pirates of Penzance” at this time. It may have been 61-62 as I left in 1961.


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