Norton Board School Demolition c1980s

These photographs show the demolition of the old Norton Board School and also the Nursery school by the side of Tanners Bank. The school was demolished in 1983. The archway and clock from this school remain on the High Street.

Donated on behalf of Wendy and Andrew Booth (who attended the school).

14 thoughts on “Norton Board School Demolition c1980s

  1. Wow, I only have some memories of this school as my family were going through a tough time when I was in this school… I came across this page looking for any old photos of classes there around 1970 – 1974. Has anyone got any? I’m also glad to see they have kept the front of the entrance.
    Just to add, I remember that I had some fear of this school but felt sad when it came time to leave. I do remember some break times and some games I played with others (I can’t remember any ones name or that of any teachers either unfortunately). This is where I got my first taste of how smelly the boys toilets were! lol. If anyone has got any pictures of classes there around the early 70’s, please share them. Thanks
    Jacqui Pearce


  2. I am a student at Teesside University reading education. As part of an assignment l am researching Norton Board School (my old school in the 70s)
    Would anyone be willing to spare some time to talk to me about their time at Norton Board school?
    Any information on this school will be very helpful. My email is
    Many thanks


  3. Many memories of Norton Board – football in the school yard and those school dinners! Nice that they have left the archway and the inscription a reminder of Norton Board School [Nogga Board as it was known to many]


  4. For many years I used to drive my father to the Board School. This was so he could pay his monthly union dues. This would take about 2 minutes at the most. In fact the drive from Billingham would last longer!


  5. My memory of Norton Board seems to be the first day etched into my brain. Walking down the High Street from Mill Lane just off the Green, it seemed such a long way down past the old tram sheds, Bradley’s Fish Shop and through the big arch which the youngest pupils went through into a smaller building behind the main school and we played in the yard a few minutes.
    The young Lady teacher came out separated us from our parents and that to me was the end of the world, in a room with the discipline starting from the moment we sat, no talking, listen to what I say and the question who can read, that was a daft question could we not all read? apparently not, quite a few hands stayed down. We went home for lunch another long trudge and I refused to go back, not the only one. Dragged back by mother we were told that if we did not turn up for school the school Bobby would be sent for us, fear and trepidation, enough for most of us to obey blindly the school rules.
    The start of five and a half years junior schooling, Miss Thompson who lived with Mr Thompson in a big house in the High Street Miss Lawson I think the first teacher who married one of the male teachers while I was at the school up to the pinnacle Mr Thompson and Mr Fisher one ruled by personality and one by the strap. When Mr Fisher said out here boy, opened his cupboard door on which hung a variety of straps and told you to choose your punishment you gritted your teeth and took it, one sob and you got more for being weak.
    The eleven plus coincided with war being declared I passed as did many though my parents could afford the uniforms and books for High School many could not, some of us went on others did not.
    War caused schools to go into half day mode, Half of us went mornings one week afternoons the next week, we were told it was until air raid shelters were built, if the Germans bombed the school only half the village children would die, that was the way they thought and everyone expected massive air raids from when the Sirens went after the speech saying we were at war and panic broke out.
    Norton Board School taught us discipline as well as solid learning, very hard by todays standards if you went to the play time patrol Teacher saying so and so hit me Sir the answer would be, well hit him back? If you broke the rules and got caught then you owned up and took the punishment, no point in trying to fudge that made it worse.
    I still look back at that school with high regard, a good school good Teachers who knew their vocation which was to drive knowledge into thick sculls, by my book they succeeded, sadly it had to go though not until fifty years after my time.
    We had the Jubilee for George V and Queen Mary, a bag of Sparks buns and cakes with half a day off school. A year later we had the new King Edward VIII more Sparks buns and half a day. A year later the Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth more buns and a day off, then Elizabeth II four monarchs and probably another, is that a record.


  6. The double fronted building was the Nursery in the school and the building was actually on the premises. The building with the arch is offices.


    • Norton Board School was so named because under W E Forster’s Elementary Education Bill and Act 1870, local school boards were set up throughout the country to provide elementary education. A very important step in the establishment of a universal education system.
      Norton Board School must have been a relatively early example.


  7. I suppose the school had to go if it had become unfit for purpose but I am delighted to read that the premises with the arched entrance and clock have survived. What is it used for now? The double fronted house that is shored-up would surely have made a desirable residence. Not knowing exactly where it is or why it had to be demolished I must not be too judgemental.


    • The main building was too small to accommodate the number of pupils. Extra classrooms (huts) all over the site. New school was open plan – awful! To save money I believe. Has changed radically since 1982 back to classrooms and new bits added everywhere!


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