9 thoughts on “Sports Winners, Oxbridge Lane School c1955

  1. When Frank (pop) Showell left Oxbridge, Mr Mallon then became headmaster, another strict but good teacher. In those days, the school did not have any playing fields, so any football was taken place at Ropner Park or sometimes even at the playing fields at the top of Grosvenor Road.


    • Fred Mallon was my uncle he was a great man and used to visit us regularly with his family. He used to cycle from Thornaby to the school on a bike his boys called The Flying Flash.


  2. Mike, Frank (pop) Showell was headmaster at Oxbridge as well, till he moved to Fairfield Secondary Modern. He was a very formidable person. I think in his early days he was a teacher at Bailey Street. Although linked to Stockton schools, I’m sure he lived / travelled from Guisborough in a Ford Anglia.


    • Frank Showell taught me at Oxbridge until I left for Stockton Tech. in 1949. A wonderful teacher and great motivator. He also ran The Eagle Boys Club in Woodlands for many years. A clever mix of Grammar boys and others. When I knew him he travelled on the bus from Guisborough, not an easy journey particularly in war-time. He left Oxbridge to become Headmaster of Bailey Street.


  3. These lads were fortunate the headmaster was proud of them to have a photo taken for their athletic memories, we didn’t at Newtown or Newham Grange.


  4. The teacher is Mr Frank Showell, who was later the headmaster at Fairfield Secondary Modern School when I was a pupil there in the early 1960’s.


      • Wow that is a blast from the past I knew Peter well through a mutual friend Dennis Maxwell. It is now many years since I lived in the area but still have great memories of the 50’s. Hope you are both keeping well.


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