The Brand Family of Stockton

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t15421The first photograph shows my great grandparents, William Wylie Brand and his wife Rosehannah,  they ran the Waverley dining rooms within the Waverly Hotel on Stockton High Street during the 1890s.

The other two photographs are of a gentleman who’s identity I am curious about. I don’t know when they were taken or where but possibly around about the turn of the century. Any help would be much appreciated.

Photographs and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

7 thoughts on “The Brand Family of Stockton

  1. My uncle Harold Brand and his wife Nancy had the Theatre pub (Jockers) in the late fifties not sure if it is the same family.


  2. The Waverley Cafe I remember as a boy around 1968 working on Stockton market on Saturdays. My job at lunchtime was to put the sandwich & tea order in and take it back to the stall. If I remember correctly it was run at the time by a lady known as Ma Scollett. They made the best egg & bacon sandwich I have ever tasted. Other food was also tops. The good old days for sure.


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