9 thoughts on “Amos Swift & Co. Ltd, Boathouse Lane

  1. When I was a kid I remember being told that, Amos Swift and Co. produced the best sable paint brushes in the country and were used by the bank of England for the art work on their bank notes, I wonder if there was ever any truth in it?


  2. I remember Amos Swift from many years ago, when his business was in West Row, I also remember him through Lightfoot Grove Baptist Church where he was one of the Deacons.


    • J May, I bought my house in 1971 the phone number started 5—4, a few years later it started with 55. Again some years later the code number became 01642, so imagine that would be early 80’s.


  3. The woodturning that they did was phenomenal! I did some turning in there for the Pool and Snooker Centre. Watching those guys was an eye opener!


    • At the far end of this building on the left hand side there is a woodworkers/joiners shop who I believe will make things to your own design. Its on Boathouse Lane, left hand side before the Arriva bus depot.


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