9 thoughts on “Sewer Vent, Richmond Road

  1. In actual fact sewer vents often incorporated a gas lamp, as this drew the foul air up from the sewers and discharged it into the atmosphere well above street level. Although sewer gas contained methane, this was at a very low concentration and there was no risk of an explosion.

    As well as the flame tending to draw foul air up from the sewers, the height of the column would also have helped. Sewer gas is slightly lighter than air, and this gives a “factory chimney” effect. Here the low density foul air tries to rise up the chimney and in so doing pulls fresh air into the sewers.


  2. Is it possible this had a dual purpose as both a sewer vent and possibly a street light. If you look at the side which faces the road, just above head height, it has a flat mating surface which has a thin rectangular slot in it possibly for an arm which could have hung over the road. Also the raised rings below this arm are not continuous as they have a gap in them which happens to line up with the aforementioned possible arm, whereas the ring above it does not. And what would be the purpose of the little hatch/door at the base of it be, a stop cock?


    • The lamp would have been a Gas lamp and I cannot imagine they would put an open Flame on a sewer vent for very obvious reasons.


  3. Yes a sewer vent pipe. I remember it well when I was young we called it a “Stink pipe”. Clive Wilkinson, now 83.


  4. I have been telling my son’s it’s the oldest street light in Stockton. I don’t know where I got that info from but I believe it to be correct.


  5. Thanks wall on the left of the sewer vent is the boundary wall of Arlington house which was the home of Harold McMillan when he was MP for Stockton


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