The Smales Family of Thornaby

t15446This is a photograph of the Smales family of Thornaby, the girl at the front is my mother. One of the brothers became a Company Sergeant Major of the Royal Tank Corps between 1938 and 1944.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.

6 thoughts on “The Smales Family of Thornaby

  1. If anybody is interested my mother, in the front, was Annie Smales. Of the boys in the picture I only recognise one, Albert, last on the right bottom row. The girls were, from left, back row, Florence and Alice. I think the picture was taken somewhere around 1910 to 1912.


      • Phillip, Good to hear from you. If you ask Picture Stockton for my Email address I would like to get in contact. They will give you it. John Vincent


    • I think the Smales family in the photo posted by John Vincent are related to our family, Alice was our nanna. Could John Vincent get in touch please? Thanks.


      • Hello Sheila, Alice was my aunt, her being my mother’s sister. Please get in touch with Picture Stockton team and they will give you my e-mail address. Would like to contact you about the Smales family.


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