Pupils at Westbury Street School

This is a photograph of Westbury Street school in Thornaby. I can’t remember the year, but I am 5th from the left bottom row.

Back row (l-r): ??, Colin Walker, Fred Wood, Keith Talintyre, Brian Friend, Jeff Ellis, ??, ??, ??, Miss Bell.

Second row (l-r): Jeff Handley, Gordon Houldey, ??, David Purchase, Lionel Reed, ??, Harry Bradley, John Williams, Charlie Law, Alan Duckett.

Third row (l-r):  Keith Alexander, Ronnie Larsen, Neil Barker, Graham Winstanley, Freddie Iceton, Colin Whittaker, John Crowther, ??.

Front row (l-r): Charlie Wright, David Craggs, Alan Lynas, Benny Wilberforce, John Vincent, Terry Brown, ??, Geoff Walker, Norman Liggitt.

Hope some of the boys are still with us, would be nice to hear from them.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.

5 thoughts on “Pupils at Westbury Street School

  1. Bob Alexander is the boy stood in between the 3rd and 4th rows, on the lower L/H corner of this photo. I recall he was an excellent cricketer. In another Stockon post, it mentions after leaving this school he worked for his father who had the Alexander Garage at the rear of Thornaby rail station. A large proportion of these boys after leaving Westbury Street went on to enrol at the Robert Atkinson School, Thornaby, including Terry Dicken (not Brown) 3rd from right in the front row.


    • Bob, It isn’t Bob Alexander in the photo, it is Keith, his brother. Keith went on to have his own garage at Guisborough. In fact, when I was at the Evening Gazette, his wife had a hairdressers opposite the Gazette, and Keith and I often had dinner together.


  2. Hi John, is Charlie Law still around? We knocked about together for awhile after we finished school. If so I would like to contact him. Best Regards Merv. [I will be in Thornaby in June].


    • Hello Merv, Nice to hear from you. I have a feeling Charlie Law passed away, but I may be wrong there. By the way, Bob Wesson asked to be remembered to you. He is living at Appleby Magna which is near Tamworth and is working part time at a garden centre. I speak to him fairly regular and we often talk about the school football teams of our day!


  3. Neil Barker in your picture could be my cousin, he lived in Thornaby and had elder brothers, Keith and Geoffrey. I haven’t seen them for many a long year.


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