Morgans Cafe Dance c1945

Here is a photograph of Morgans Cafe Dance taken 7th November 1945. My sister Sheila Bonner (later Huggins) is third from right in the middle row.

Morgans proved to be a good starting point for her career in catering, she would go on to organise the catering at events throughout the region for Vaux.

Photograph and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner:

4 thoughts on “Morgans Cafe Dance c1945

  1. I believe my mother Lilian (Sarah) and her sister Lydia (maiden name Strike) are on that photo. She often spoke of her time working at Morgan’s Cafe


  2. My mum worked here in the 50’s. Wasn’t the cafe down a passage between two buildings and then up some stairs? I think the owner or manager was Mrs Ellis, previously Nora Morgan. She had children, Morgan Ellis and Glenda Ellis. I think there was also a Morgan Morgan and a dog called Yanto!
    The lady third on the left of the middle row is Mary Howie, a long time friend of our family. My Mum went from Morgan’s to the Metropole which was great for me because the pop stars stayed there and she got their autographs for me.


  3. It looks like my grandma is on this photo, Maria Gooding nee Serrechia, does anyone know what Morgan’s cafe was? thanks.


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