2 thoughts on “Unknown People

  1. Do you have any information about where this was taken? This might give some clues. It sort of looks like the shoes might be tap shoes. Woman, 2nd from the right, front row, looks very much like a man in drag. A theatre production of some sort? I’m also wondering if the man in the back row, 2nd from the left, is Llewellyn Macgregor, my great uncle. I didn’t ever meet him but it sort of looks like him from the photos I have seen.


    • Just to add to Sophie’s observations, they are probably wearing tap shoes as they are sitting on a portable tap dancing mat, made out of strips of hardwood, which is easily rolled up and taken away. The girls at either end of the front row have very similar facial features and could be sisters. The quality of lighting suggests that this photo was taken outside. How about one of those troupes which used to perform on the seafront at Redcar?


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