12 thoughts on “American Tavern, Stockton

  1. I was best man at my friend (Vic Franks) wedding and we held his bachelor night there. We were regular drinkers there on a weekend.


  2. I remember it well, like the chaps above I also started my career as a budding alcoholic in this establishment, cant quite remember the landlords name, was a little portly and had a florid complexion…..there was a water colour sketch of him behind the bar for many years with the inscription “mine host” I think there was also one of his wife too. I also seem to remember a story that the pub was to be demolished at one time…..only the demolition company knocked down the pub over the road by mistake, could have been the Phoenix hotel?


  3. I played guitar with Bert Weedon in the American Tavern, he was playing in a pantomime at the Globe, it was winter 1972. He was not such a great guitarist actually, I took a 15 year old lad to meet him in the American Tavern one night hoping that Bert would be able to help this really good young guitarist get a break somewhere. After the young lad, played a couple of tunes, Bert got up and just left, he had been completely upstaged by a 15 year old!


  4. I always liked the disco on a Friday night. It was a great pub to use. I was sorry to see it demolished. The picture would have been taken in 1976/7. I know this a I worked on the home constructions of the houses in the forefront.


  5. Remember it well, with a group of mates as teenagers in the 60’s it would be one of our first watering holes on Saturday’s prior to having a walk around the High Street.


  6. This was the first pub I got thrown out of, for being underage. I remember thinking that the landlord wasn’t daft, we got served and were then given our marching orders.


  7. …My ‘local’ in 1965/6… as a 15 year-old schoolboy, underage drinker and virtually penniless, I would sit in the back room with older, ‘working’ chums who didn’t mind getting me the odd ‘pint-touch’ to see out the evenings for me… what great guys they were – and so kind – and the landlord, so ‘understanding’!… We’d occasionally head for the ‘Phoenix’ pub, which was nearby.


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