13 thoughts on “A Line of Locos, Thomsons Scrapyard c1965

  1. Used to be my play ground in the late 50s along with a lot of other kids from the browns bridge area, it used have old helicopter and plane cock pits, access was so easy then no fences, security etc


  2. At the end of 1962 the Scottish Region of British Railways withdrew the last of their V3 tank locomotives 676XX series. Some were still in good condition and a deal was done whereby they were transferred to the North Eastern Region for work in the Newcastle area while a number of Newcastle based V3 locos were transferred on paper only to the Scottish Region. This was for accountancy purposes and the north eastern engines were immediately condemned. Among the Scottish locos were 67620/28/43/78. They lasted until late1964 when the last of the V3 class were withdrawn from service. 67678 can be seen in the scrapyard


  3. This company & others made a fortune selling back locos to sheds for spare parts at often three times the price they were bought for, because the diesels were failing left right and centre and we needed the parts in order to repair what steam locomotives we had left, to keep freight moving. Ex 51L Thornaby.


  4. Reminder when we used to make things – not assemble other countries products with other countries steel – End of the line – literally also end of an era.


  5. Does anyone know why or how a loco from Glasgow Parkhead shed came to meet it’s sad demise in a Stockton scrapyard. I would have thought much cheaper to scrap it in Glasgow rather than transport it all the way to Stockton. Over to you, chaps.


    • A lot of private scrapped yards from the mid 1960’s touted for withdrawn locomotives, although at that time there was plenty of local locomotives being withdrawn. There appears to be a number of V3 loco’s in the line, apart from 67678, and perhaps a number of them came down from the Glasgow area. A few of these locomotives were still active at Gateshead shed during 1964. I can remember in 1964 going to South Shields via Sunderland. The Billingham to Sunderland section was hauled by a V3, because the normal DMU had failed. Was 67678 a Parkhead loco at the time of it’s withdrawal (Nov 1964)?… or had it come via Gateshead, with Gateshead shed not closing to steam until March 1965. The other loco’s, Q6’s and WD’s are probably local. Hartlepool, Sunderland, and Tynedock were still steam active at this time.


    • As well as 67678 being in the line of locos, my records show 67628 was also there and that both locos at some stage had been transferred from Parkhead, Glasgow to Gateshead. Also at Thomson’s then were 67690 and 67691 both Gateshead locos.


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