11 thoughts on “Kave Dwellers Club Poster

  1. Great nights, and bands, The Merseybeats, Screaming Lord Sutch and the Undertakers with a coffin on stage which the singer came out of. A free bus home to Stockton High Street, also some good after parties.


  2. The KD had a shop at the front of the building where you could buy the latest “gear”. I once purchased a pair of Cuban heel boots which were OK until the frosty mornings came along and they were then lethal. I can recall walking to Bede Hall one morning and going flying several times.


  3. I saw most of the great groups that Charlie Tennent booked for the KD. We owe him and his wife great gratitude for their foresight in getting a lot of great groups before they became too big such as, The Kinks, Georgie Fame etc. and, as noted, The Den Men and my old friend Les Bennet’s group the Blue Caps. I lived walking distance from the KD and joined the club before it opened its doors for the 1st. time.


    • Correct me if I`m wrong, Willie Maddren sometimes helped out on the cloakroom. Also I thought it was Brian Tennant Charlie`s son who ran the club and booked the groups.


  4. I remember going to the Kave with Chris Evans, Barbara Cooper and Christine Crawford. I used to spend my dinner money on the entrance fee. We once booked to see the Yardbirds but they didn’t turn up. Years later I did get to see them here in Clitheroe where I now live. Still keep in touch with Chris but sadly Barbara died a few years ago.
    Lyn Hudgell formerly Robinson


    • Hi Lynn this Chris Crawford (Veitch) I live in Canada came here with my hubby and two boys in 1982 have a daughter Holly and now a baby grandson Brian.


  5. Good to see the advert for the KD, spent many a night there. The four members of Del and the Falcons have recently met up after fifty years apart, all are enjoying renewing their friendship.


  6. Wow, I’d forgotten about this club, me and friends used to go there Friday nights, the way in was designed as a cave entrance as I remember. A local group I liked in the 60s was “The Johnny Taylor Five” they often entertained in Billingham Town Centre on Saturdays. I worked in Mac Fisheries and could hear them as I was worked in the shop. Happy days… thanks for the memory.


    • I can remember going to The Kave Dwellers Club early 60`s. I can remember going to see Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames and the resident band The Denmen. hey sometimes played at The Maison after Jack Marwood on a Saturday, a good mix of different styles of music and people.


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