4 thoughts on “Tees Motor Boat Club Hut, Thornaby

  1. I think my Dad was possibly one of your dad’s friends, he and his brothers kept a boat here and I used to love the Regatta, and the annual outing to Barwick Quarry (only we called it Barry Quarry then, as it was in the days before Ingleby Barwick poshed it up!). My Dad was Ron Bennington and his brothers were Tommy, Ray and Dennis. I spent many a happy hour in that shed while they were messing about with the boat, there was an old wind up gramophone there and a load of old (even then) 78s. Simpler times!


    • You are right Glennis, my dad and yours were friends, along with Tommy & Ray Bennington. I remember them all very well, and your grandmother that lived at the top of Thornaby Road bank.


  2. My Dad had friends who had boats, and were members of this club. I think I was about 11 or twelve then. I used to go there quite often with him. At one time this hut was in a different place in the boatyard, and for some reason they moved it to where you see it in the photo about 1962. I remember helping to carry things into the hut, and painting inside, after it had been moved. Once a year, when Yarm Regatta was on they would take me and other kids in a boat up the river to Yarm to watch the regatta, we used to stop roughly about half way at Barry Quarry for a picnic. Sadly my Dad and his mates are no longer with us.


    • Hello Raymond, I’m Glennis Bennington’s older sister, Pat. I have fond memories of the boat club and do remember the outings up the river towards Yarm and the picnics. Happy days.


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