The Friarage, Yarm c1959

I took these images of the Friarage and the Dovecote, Yarm as part of a school project while at St. Patrick’s Secondary School in Thornaby around 1959/60. Leaning against the wall was the bike I used to cycle round to take pictures.

Photographs and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner.

9 thoughts on “The Friarage, Yarm c1959

  1. In the 1st picture as I knew it in 1955 when HW’s bought to use as offices and I and others worked on the changes there. On the left next to the house is a large fir tree that had every type of finch in there. The roof was flat and leaded. In the chimneys nested jackdaws. The 2nd picture is the walled garden set away from the house. At that time I was there the gardener was a Mr Evans, who was always on guard against us workmen ever trying to wander beyond those walls..


  2. Two worthy photographs. I love the one with the bike against the wall by the arched gate, it is so atmospheric. Well done Anthony, thank you.


    • Thank you Roy, I was 13/14 yrs old at the time and I’ve just realised that I’ve obeyed the “rule of thirds” in framing my shot. There’s a nice line through the chimney top, the dovecot roof and my bike, which is a third in front the right hand side. Did that chimney belong to the skinyard?


    • No I’m not related to Patricia. As I remember there were two Bonner families at St Pats, but no relationship between them.


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