60163 Tornado approaching Stockton Station, May 2017

60163 ‘Tornado’ approaching Stockton Station on Saturday 6 May 2017. The engine was travelling from Darlington-Thornaby-Stockton-Darlington to turn the engine to work a charter train back to London Kings Cross.

Photograph and details courtesy of Denis I Gilbert.

4 thoughts on “60163 Tornado approaching Stockton Station, May 2017

  1. Currently, the people who built 60163 are building a Gresley P2 Class 2-8-2 locomotive at Darlington. Six of these magnificent engines were built in the 1930s at Doncaster to the designs of Sir Nigel Gresley for service between Aberdeen and Edinburgh, hauling heavy trains unassisted over this heavily graded and difficult route. The six engines were later rebuilt as 4-6-2s. It is hoped to complete the new engine 2007 Prince of Wales in around 2021.


    • That’s great news. I always hoped that once a locomotive had been built from an original set of drawings, others would follow. The Gresley P2’s would have been exciting to observe, when they were running, before Edward Thompson rebuilt them as 4-6-2 class A2/2 in 1943. They were streamlined originally, similar to Gresley’s A4’s, but this was removed when they were rebuilt, and the rebuilt locomotives had few admirers, and were withdrawn from service relatively early in 1959/60.


  2. Tornado was built to the same specifications as Arthur Peppercorns A1 class, built from August 1948 until December 1949. The last A1 was withdrawn in June 1966, and none were preserved, so it was a tremendous achievement to build another from the original set of drawings. I remember the A1’s with fondness. They were regular visitors through Billingham, during the 1950’s and early 60’s, and appeared on named expresses through Darlington on the main line. They were well liked engines, and required little maintenance. They could achieve a respectable turn of speed when required. Another preserved Peppercorn locomotive Blue Peter, is the mixed traffic version of the A1, and designated A2. Apart from the Gresley A4’s, very few LNER express, and mixed traffic loco’s were preserved. Only one A3, Flying Scotsman, and one V2, Green Arrow, together with Blue Peter, survive. In terms of preservation, the LNER as done badly. Perhaps other LNER designs could be resurrected eventually.


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